Connor Kempson

VP of Finance

Connor pledged the Delta Phi chapter in the fall of 2015. VP Finance is a fitting executive board position as Connor is graduating with a degree in finance in Spring 2019. Connor is a member of the student investment program within UWM's business school which challenges him to manage portfolios and earn real-life experience within the financial field. This is Connor's first time on the executive board. 


Travis Berryman

VP of Administration

Travis pledged the Delta Phi chapter in fall 2018. He is currently a Junior majoring in Supply Chain and Operation Management. One of Travis's friends encouraged him to join the Delta Phi chapter, and has not regretted it. He is very happy to have joined. 


Kerrigan Fritz


Kerrigan pledged the Delta Phi chapter in the Fall of 2018. She is currently double majoring in finance and Marketing, and is expected to graduate December of 2020. Kerrigan joined Alpha Kappa Psi because she wanted to expand herself in professional development and meet others with the same career goals. 


Meghan Garvin

VP of Corporate Sponsorship

Meghan is currently a Junior majoring in marketing, minoring in Women and Gender Studies, in addition to a certificate in entrepreneurship. Meghan pledged the Delta Phi chapter fall of 2019 as a way to become more involved, with hopes to gain a better understanding of the business world. She is excited to create mutually beneficial relationships with Alpha Kappa Psi.

nicole .PNG

Nicole Cave

Morgan Anderberg

Allison Mitchell

Jadyn Mollet

VP of Membership

Master of Rituals

VP Pledge Trainer

VP of Alumni

Nicole is in her 4th year at UW-Milwaukee. She pledged in fall of 2018 and is currently a Marketing and Advertising major. She is looking forward to working in the field of Client Communications Analytics. She joined AKPsi because she felt it was a good way to get involved while also helping her build a career.

Morgan pledged the Delta Phi chapter spring 2019. She is a Junior majoring in Art with a minor in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Morgan chose to join Alpha Kappa Psi to network and meet new people. 

Allison pledged the Delta Phi chapter in spring 2017. She is currently a Junior majoring in Accounting. Allison joined Alpha Kappa Psi to meet new people, get more involved on campus, and to expand her professional network. 

Jadyn is currently a junior, majoring in Human Resources. She chose to be in Alpha Kappa Psi because she wanted to meet new people, network with different companies and chapters, and have the opportunity for leadership roles within the fraternity.  


Kayla Bolibrzuch

Anna Kiskunas

Sarah Miller

Ellen Smith


Kayla pledged the Delta Phi chapter spring 2019. She decided to join AKPsi so that she could learn more about the business industry and learn how to strengthen her professional skills. She also joined because AKPsi allows any major to be involved, which allows her to make new friends and learn what UWM has to offer. 


Anna pledged the Delta Phi chapter Fall 2019. She is currently a Freshman majoring in Marketing. Anna chose to sign up for Alpha Kappa psi to meet new people and learn more business skills. 


Sarah pledged the Delta Phi chapter in the Fall of 2018. She is currently a Junior, double majoring in Marketing and IT. Alpha Kappa Psi interested her because of the ability to gain professional skills and network in the city of Milwaukee. 

VP of Fundraising

Ellen pledged the Delta Phi chapter Fall 2018. She is currently a Junior majoring in Radiology, and minoring in healthcare administration. She joined Alpha Kappa Psi as a way to develop her professional skills. She believes knowing how to network and perform to the highest expectations is critical, no matter your major or background.

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Audit and Finance 

Work to manage the investments of the chapter. They watch the markets and advise membership at large of changing trends. This committee is overseen by the Treasurer.


Ensure that all of membership is upholding the high stands required of them and to ensure both chapter and national by-laws are followed and enforced. These members may be utilized as Wardens during chapter rituals. This committee is overseen by the Parliamentarian.

Membership and Alumni Development

Members plan small-scale events each semester to encourage unity throughout the brotherhood and to encourage connections between student members of the Delta Phi chapter and members of the City of Festivals alumni chapter. This committee is overseen by the VP of Alumni.

In addition to Executive Board positions Delta Phi members gain leadership experience through committees. General membership is sorted into the following seven committees:


Professional Development and Corporate Sponsorship

Work to bring in professional speakers to provide business insight and offer an opportunity for open discussions regarding best practices, advice and networking opportunities. In addition they constantly search for business that alight with Alpha Kappa Psi's core values to sign on as corporate sponsors to enhance the membership experience. This committee is overseen by the VP of Corporate Sponsorship.

Marketing and Recruitment 

Work to ensure that there is a campus wide awareness of Alpha Kappa Psi. They are constantly promoting the fraternity to obtain maximum reach during and beyond Rush seasons. These committee members set up events throughout Rush week for potential new members to engage in. This committee is overseen by the VP of Membership and utilized by the Historian as needed for social

Fundraising and Special Events

Work each semester to come up with creative and lucrative fundraisers to fund the organization in addition to pay for memberships attendance at Professional Business Leadership Institute annually and National Conventional bi-annually. They work in conjunction with other committees to plan a large fundraising event each semester as well. This committee is overseen by the Master of Rituals.

Community Service

Make sure that brothers give back to the community. Through this service they broaden their network and offer their support and skills to assisting less fortunate. Members are encouraged to find causes that mean something to them and involve their brothers. Each semester brings new and recurring service events to increase Alpha Kappa Psi's exposure throughout the community. This committee is overseen by the Secretary.

Each of these committees are headed by a Chair and a Co-Chair which act as great introductory positions for those seeking leadership experience or as a stepping stone toward an Executive Board position.