Your support allows the Delta Phi chapter to train young ethical business professionals for the corporate world. Your generous donation will help the Delta Phi Chapter cover expenses incurred while pursuing an extensive knowledge of the business world, developing networking skills, and helping to build a better community. 

Sponsorship is available in five levels; White, Yellow, Blue, Gold, and Sapphire each of which builds upon the former to offer sponsors a range of benefits for their partnership with the Delta Phi chapter.

In Kind sponsors receive:

  • The benefits of the level of sponsorship that corresponds with the monetary value of the items donated to the Delta Phi chapter

White Level (any amount below $250) sponsors receive:

  • A personalized thank you note from the Delta Phi chapter

Yellow Level ($250) sponsors receive:

  • The benefit of the White Level sponsorship and:

  • Sponsor’s logo will appear on the Delta Phi chapters website with a link to the sponsor's website

  • Recognition at the Initiation Banquet each semester

Blue Level ($500) sponsors receive:

  • Each of the benefits of Yellow level sponsorship and:

  • Company logo printed on fliers distributed to students during the fall and spring recruitment season

  •  Access to current Delta Phi member résumé portfolio 

Gold Level ($1,000) sponsors receive:

  • Each of the benefits of Blue level sponsorship and:

  • Logo printed on any Delta Phi chapter created t-shirts

  • Logo printed on banners, posters, and/or flyers for Delta Phi chapter sponsored events open to all UWM students

  • Two tickets to the Initiation Banquet each semester

Sapphire Level ($1,500 or above) sponsors receive:

  • Each of the benefits of Gold level sponsorship and:

  • Sponsor may choose a charity and/or community service event at which the members of the Delta Phi chapter will donate time on behalf of the corporate sponsor

  • Sponsor has the opportunity to provide a professional development event on the topic of their choosing to the Delta Phi chapter annually

  • Two additional tickets to the Initiation Banquet each semester

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